IPTU 2013

2013 has started with new tidings, some of which are disagreeable – the increase in a property’s assessed value – the basis for calculating the IPTU.

Municipal governments had readjusted real estate assessed value by an index which did not reflect property appreciation. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, values were readjusted by at least 30% which, in certain cases, reflects speculation, that is, these values are above fair market value.

We should also, and principally, take into account, to determine a property’s fair value, variables related to the infrastructure of the region in which the property is located, such as the improvement/deterioration of the public transport, improvement / deterioration of the rainwater drainage system and greater/lower security.
Taxpayers have the option of hiring a company specialized in issuing appraisal reports, as contemplated by NBR-14.653 and personally require a tax review; however, it is necessary to pay the tax first.

Apsis has extensive expertise in this type of appraisal, and is able to advise you, in case you do not agree with the amounts charged.

(Márcia Frazão | In charge of the Real Estate Area, Apsis Consultoria)

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